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GFBiochemicals at 4th Biobased World Asia and 8th International Conference on Bio-based Materials

Last week, Marcel van Berkel presented GFBiochemicals' biobased levulinic acid to 4th Biobased World Asia. This followed Marcel's recent attendance at 8th InternationalConference on Bio-based Materials in Cologne.

Incorporating 5th Biobased Chem Asia & 9th Bioplastics Markets, the Asia conference took place in Bangkok and was organized by the Centre for Management Technology. Marcel was grateful to attend. He highlighted the many benefits biobased levulinic acid offers to a range of sectors. GFBiochemicals' breakthrough process promises so much to these markets in Asia.

GFBiochemicals also attended the Cologne conference on 13-15 April. Rudy Parton, Director Technology & Applications Development, joined Marcel in exhibiting biobased levulinic acid. You can download the full presentation from Cologne here.