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GFBiochemicals on APCS 2015 Programme

Next month, GFBiochemicals will attend the Asia Pacific Coatings Show (APCS 2015) in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  The event’s focus is ‘Progress in Organic Coatings Science and Technology’ and will take place 17-18 September.  We will present our breakthrough levulinic acid as a platform chemical for superior biobased coatings.   

Levulinic acid offers many opportunities for the coatings industry.  One such benefit is as a potential cross-linker in different resins.  Diphenolic acid (DPA), a derivative of levulinic acid, is a biobased replacement for bisphenol A (BPA) in epoxy resins.  DPA can also be used to make highly cross-linked polymer resins and to gain high abrasion resistance in polyamide coatings.  Another derivative, 1,4-pentanediol can be used as glycol in resins of polyesters or polyurethanes.

APCS 2015 is the leading event for the coatings industry in South East Asia and the Pacific Rim.  The event promotes the latest paint and coatings technologies for the region's environmental, manufacturing and industrial needs.  Marcel van Berkel will speak on the first day of the conference at 4pm local time.  You can view the whole programme here.

Find out more about how our levulinic acid can improve coatings on the GFBiochemicals products page.