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ICIS Innovation Awards Shortlists GFBiochemicals

GFBiochemicals is proud to have been shortlisted by ICIS for its 2015 Innovation Awards.  Our proprietary levulinic acid technology has been selected for ‘Best Process Innovation’.  The breakthrough platform enables a fundamentally lower price range for derivatives, such as gammavalerolactone (GVL) and methyltetrahydrofuran (MeTHF).

2015 has already been a stand out year for us.  We began commercial production at our 10,000 MT/a capacity plant in Caserta, Italy in July and Sofinnova Partners shortlisted us for its Renewable Chemistry Start-up Award.

The ICIS Innovation Awards look to recognize and reward companies which show high levels of innovation in products, processes and business practice.  Companies are also shortlisted for providing benefits to the environment and sustainability.  The awards are open to companies around the world.

A full list of shortlisted companies can be found in ICIS Chemical Business.  The winners will be announced soon in a future edition.