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Levulinic Acid Brochures Now Available

GFBiochemicals has made a range of brochures available to download online.  These were launched on our booth at EFIB 2015. 

Currently, we have brochures available with information on:

  • Our levulinic acid process
  • Coatings & resins
  • Flavors & fragrances
  • Personal care & beauty products
  • PHAs 

Each brochure covers the application benefits of levulinic acid, as well as its derivatives, for different markets.  Our product is derived directly from biomass and can improve both industrial and consumer goods.

For example, in the coating & resin brochure, the benefits described include using levulinic acid to improve processability while reducing VOC.  Also, Bisphenol A (BPA) can be replaced with levulinic acid-derived diphenolic acid (DPA).

The PHAs brochure illustrates the role of levulinic acid as a performance material for the production of PHA co- and terpolymers, such as PHB3HV and PHB3HV4HV.

Industry players who wish to increase the performance and biobased content of their products can easily refer to the data sheets. 

GFBiochemicals is constantly investigating applications and uses of levulinic acid and its derivatives.  We are in the process of creating new brochures to support industry players in recognizing the advantages of using these products and guiding their formulation efforts.

View all the brochures here.