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Our Chief Commercial Officer Writes In Biofuels Digest

Marcel van Berkel has written about the opportunity platform chemicals offer for a more sustainable future.  The article is titled ‘Biobased Platform Chemicals: A Clean Credible Solution To Support Climate Action’.

GFBiochemicals recognizes the growing demand for new chemical building blocks like levulinic acid.  Marcel argues that, as all eyes are on COP 21 in Paris, this is more evident than ever before.  Civil society, policymakers and industry are all calling for new low carbon solutions to the societal challenges the world faces. 

“Chemicals like levulinic acid can serve as incredibly versatile building blocks for chemicals, materials and fuels,” says Marcel. “Especially when they also successfully address many performance-related issues attributed to current products.”

You can read the full article now on Biofuels Digest.