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Our co-founders Pasquale Granata and Mathieu Flamini announcing "The BioJournal"

Our co-founders Pasquale Granata and Mathieu Flamini are pleased to announce that “The BioJournal” is now online at the following link:

The BioJournal is the first platform entirely dedicated to the bio world and eco-sustainability, with global news and high quality content covering politics and economy, tech and lifestyle. Pasquale Granata and Mathieu Flamini have expressed both their satisfaction.

“The bio approach regards humanity and any disciplines”, Pasquale Granata declared, “The BioJournal” represents this: a magazine highlighting a responsible and innovative point of view on the globe, aimed at informing, encouraging a debate and actively involving an international audience.”

Flamini has added: “Having co-founded GFBiochemicals, a leading company in the bioindustry, and then being part of the team behind BIOCIRCE, the first masters in Europe dedicated to the bioeconomy, we are delighted to launch The BioJournal, the only e-magazine devoted to the bioworld. Today's announcement further underlines our commitment to the long term development of the bioeconomy.” The new web portal is led by Mario Bonaccorso, while Enrico Luparello is responsible for the graphic design.