GFBiochemicals has developed a proprietary technology platform for levulinic acid production that will enable them to manufacture a variety of drop-in and substitute chemicals as well as biofuels for new and existing markets.

GFBiochemicals will expand its product portfolio to additional high-value levulinic acid derivatives.


Our process has a unique reactor technology, which allows feedstock flexibility – a wide range of biomass can be used, including cellulosic waste. GFBiochemicals also developed a new technology for the recovery and purification of levulinic acid. The continuous process produces formic acid and char which are recovered. This leads to a combination of high product yields, high productivity, concentrated process streams and efficient recovery.

Commercial production started in the summer of 2015, making Caserta the world’s largest commercial-scale levulinic acid plant. It will scale up to full capacity of 10,000 MT/a by 2017.

GFBiochemicals favorable scale-up economics outperform alternative technologies and enable entry into new market segments.

100% Biomass feedstock

Wheat straw

Conversion – Products

Levulinic acid
Formic acid


Fuel additives
Polymers, plasticizers
Flavors and fragrances
Biogasoline, biodiesel
Resins and coatings
Personal care


We continue to invest substantially in R&D to maintain our leadership position in levulinic acid to assure future growth. The Caserta plant will be used as an innovation platform for further improvements to our technology and the development of derivatives. A portfolio of patents has already been filed.

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